Who I am and what I do

My name is Zachary Stewart, and I am an aspiring scientist. I don’t consider myself a “scientist” yet – it seems too official a title for someone who has just recently become a PhD student. Even then, it feels like something that must be earned. Nonetheless, I have set myself on a road which I hope will lead to me being involved in scientific projects that will have an impact on the world (hopefully, a positive one).

I am studying at the Queensland University of Technology as part of a lab group supervised by Peter J. Prentis. He’s a decent guy, and has provided me with some great opportunities to do research in the realm of sea anemones – the flowers of the ocean if you want to wax poetic.

My goal for writing this blog is to serve as a kind of diary, providing myself some perspective of where I’ve been and where I’ve come to. Thus, I have no expectations that anyone will actually read this. If someone is, Hi.

Otherwise, I’d also like to detail some of the bioinformatic techniques I have been performing. I am proficient at Python (as much as a self-trained person with ~2 years experience can be) and so I am often developing my own solutions to problems I face. Here, I’ll likely write about some of the difficulties I’ve faced and how I overcame them. Perhaps this would be useful to other people, and I could link them to these posts.

Finally, I may write a bit about general things of interest to me. I enjoy reading books, especially science-fiction and fantasy novels, but I do make myself read some more “highbrow” literature on occasion to pretend that I have refined tastes. Maybe I’ll write about these when I’ve read something which has left an impact on me.


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