This blog is run by Zachary K. Stewart, a current PhD student at the Queensland University of Technology. Now and then I’ll likely write posts about some of the bioinformatics I’ve been working on and how I’ve managed to install and run certain programs. I’m active at a few places, and you can contact me at the places below or see any additional resources I may have made available.



As some shameless promotion, have a read through some of my published papers if you want.

Transcriptomic investigation of wound healing and regeneration in the cnidarian Calliactis polypus: This was my first ever publication and involved a fully replicated RNA-seq study of regeneration in a sea anemone.

A non-disruptive method for obtaining DNA samples from sea anemones (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Actiniaria): This was a simple methods study to demonstrate the utility of mucus secretions as a non-disruptive(/non-invasive) source of DNA from cnidarians.

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